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Legal Advice

 In compliance with the provision on Article 10 of the Law 34 / 2002, July the 11th, of services for the information society and e-commerce, we inform you that this website belongs to:

Owner: Real Academia de Ingeniería
Address: Don Pedro, 10 – 28005 Madrid, Spain


Terms of Use

 Use Policy

 Real Academia de Ingeniería (hereinafter, RAI) provides access to services of interest by means of the Internet (hereinafter, the Services). This document sets forth the conditions and use policy for those Services.

All the persons with access to the Services (hereinafter, the Users) must comply with the conditions and use policies of the Services to which they decide to gain access, including both those of general application as well as the particular ones of each Service, as a necessary condition in order to maintain their access to those Services.


Data Protection Policy

The fact of completing our forms and sending them to RAI entails that the sender expressly accepts her/his data to be processed automatically for the purpose of these forms and the management of the on-line services.

In addition, the User is the party solely responsible for the veracity of the data entered, thereby being entitled to access, rectify and cancel her/his data and, if it is the case, oppose its processing. Such rights may be exercised by means of correspondence addressed to Real Academia de Ingeniería at Don Pedro 10, 28005 Madrid, Spain. The data provided by the Users shall be included in an automated file which ownership belongs to RAI for the purposes set forth in the forms, the processing of which shall be subject to Fundamental Act 15, of December 13, 1999 on personal data protection and its development regulations. The User undertakes to duly update the data provided. The data shall be cancelled once it ceases being necessary for the purpose for which it is designated.


Credit Card Information

RAI does not disclose credit card account information provided by Users. When Users choose to pay using their credit cards, RAI submits the information needed to obtain payment to the appropriate clearinghouse.


Cookies – Navigation Information

 Navigation information is hereby obtained automatically without the personal intervention of the User. Navigation information may be individual (corresponding to a User) or collective (corresponding to a group of Users) and is automatically obtained by means of the use of cookies and the processing of IP addresses. Navigation information is not associated with personal data information since RAI does not have the ability to process it in a customized manner.

Cookies are data blocks that remain on the computer of the User with their consent and that are used in order to adapt future visits initiated by that User from the activity developed on previous visits.


Regarding the use of the Web

The User undertakes to use the Web and its services and contents without violating the legislation in effect, good faith, the generally-accepted uses and public law. Likewise, the use of the Web for illegal or harmful purposes against the RAI or any third party or that in any manner may cause harm or impede the normal operations of the Web is hereby prohibited.
With regard to the contents (information, texts, graphics, sound files and/or images, photographs, designs, etc.) the following are prohibited:

  • Their reproduction, distribution or modification, unless authorized by their legal holders or when legally permitted.
  • Any infringement of the rights of RAI or their legitimate holders thereof.
  • Their use for all types of commercial or advertising purposes other than those strictly permitted.

RAI may modify at any time the conditions and use policies of the Services, including those which are general as well as those that are particular for each Service. Although it shall inform the Users when such changes occur, the knowledge and fulfilment of the conditions and use policies of the Services in effect at any given time are the responsibilities of the Users. For that reason, RAI urges Users to periodically visit the most updated written version of these conditions and use policies. Continuous access to the Services means the acceptance of the conditions and policies of use which are applicable and in effect at the time of access.

RAI and its collaborators authorized for such purposes, may modify at any time both the number as well as the nature and characteristics of the Services if they deem it appropriate. RAI provides the Services to Users with all their defects and as they are without any guarantees of functionality or adaptation to the purposes of each User.

Although RAI shall try to maintain the Services permanently available and will try to conserve the data that these Services contain, a technical failure, acts of force majeure, maintenance and other causes may cause the services to cease being available or cause data to be lost. RAI does not assume any liability related to the unavailability of the Services nor related to the loss of data and does not provide any guarantees of the permanent operations of the Services, nor the uninterrupted access to Services nor the reestablishment of the Services during a specific period, nor the conservation or completeness of the data stored on the Services.

When, among the Services, RAI includes mechanisms to protect the User against threats or contents received through the Services (such as viruses, unsolicited electronic mails, messages or others) such protection mechanisms shall not include guarantees to the User of the permanent operation and without failures. The responsibility to protect and maintain the User computer means in proper use falls totally and exclusively on the latter.

All Users must expect to receive contents (information, materials, graphics, data etc.) from other Users and RAI or its collaborators through the Services.

RAI cannot be responsible for the contents of third parties to which a User may access through the Services. Nor shall it be liable for the behaviour, the actions or the data transferred by third parties that could affect a User while they use the Services.

Each User shall fully assume the liability before third parties on the use that they make of the Services. RAI shall not be liable to third parties for the consequences that could arise from the use of a Service by a User.

No User may provide nor transfer to third parties their right to access the Services nor reveal their access passwords to the Services to other persons.

Some Services accept contents of the Users that afterwards are shared with third parties. RAI reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis if the contents offered by a User to be shared is accepted or rejected from being included in the Service. A User is solely and exclusively liable for the contents that it wishes to share with other Users through the Services even after RAI has accepted the contents and they are included in a Service. The sending of contents by a User in order to be shared includes the transfer without economic compensation of the right to copy these contents in favour of the other Users of the Service and on occasions also in favour of the public in general. A User shall not be able to offer to include contents for which it does not possess the copyright, nor contents violating the laws or rules in effect, obscene, indecent, inexact offensive threatening, defamatory contents nor those able to cause damages to other persons or computer equipment. RAI reserves the right to eliminate from the Service any contents that do not fulfil prior conditions.

No User may use the Services in violation of the laws in effect nor in a manner that damages, attempts to damage, interferes, impedes or hinders the operations of the services that host the Services, the computer programs that they provide them or the telematic networks that support them nor in ways that damage or try to damage RAI, its collaborators or other Users or third parties.

All Users shall notify RAI of any circumstances of which they have knowledge and that could affect the operation or the security of the Services as soon as possible. The notice of the loss of the access passwords to the Services is especially important.

Each User shall accept the authority of RAI to suspend temporarily or cancel definitively their access to the Services if it deems that they have not complied with any of these conditions and use policies. In the event of cancellation or suspension of access, RAI shall provide the User, if the latter requests, with a copy of the data, which they own, stored on the servers that host the Services. Subsequently, RAI may eliminate this data from the servers.